Little Odetta

Named album by Little Otto

The ensemble plays the percussion, where it presents a rhythmic foundation without neglecting the melodic aspect, and integrates the ambient passages, combining layers of elements and echoing guitars that add pride to the voices.
It is delivered precisely by a powerful voice, evoked by the soul and the rhythm ‘n’ blues, which adds a certain charm to the mix.

Little Otto is a brand new quintet based in the Paris region, made up of Audrey (pen, voice), Lucas (composition, guitar), Aurelian (bass), Fabian (drums) and Florian (keyboards). But it’s a powerful rock band above all else, from the scene, to the rhythm and African-icons of the 60s and 70s mythological groups (Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors …). American Blues (Aretha Franklin, Etta James …).

If Little Otto is a very young creation (2019), their founding members, for their part, have been working together for many years: Laurent Cokeler, Amury Blanchard, Eric Saviot, Claude Engel … for Audrey or Lucas for the project with Nick Jones (English rock combo “The Gym” Former members of the “Jones Review”) Henry Herbert’s solo. We see them together in the emerging French reggae troupe Cresco (his drummer Fabian also joins them in this new project).

After designing their voices for life, they entered the studio and recorded their first album, which was released to Frederick Jaylard (Fue! Saturn, Thomas Tudrong, Kimberos …) and Steve Prestige (Peter Gabriel, Gary Moore, Manu Lanvin …).

The result: an 11-track album with Audrey’s soulful and powerful vocals, exploding rhythm and groovy melodies.

It contrasts sharply with the white decor, the neutral, plain canvas-like attitude of the seventies and the boundless energy of a group that came to shake it.
In the center, a black line reflecting the perspective of establishing and guiding the clip: “Shock It” is a sudden and solid title that does not bother the detour.
And if the camera captures fast music from one musician to another, it is really through the dance, the singer and his accomplices, which is at the forefront.

During the release of their album, Little Otto will meet you on stage soon.
Of course you will be notified.

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