More and more companies are hiring without a CV

More and more companies are hiring without a CV

In catering, logistics, mass distribution, but also in pharmaceuticals and renewable energies, recruitment without CV is gaining momentum. This method is not new: recruitment by simulation was developed by Pôle emploi in the 1990s. But the difficulties companies face in recruiting make a difference. This year 100,000 people will be assessed in this way, and one-third will be hired. Pôle emploi wants to do even better in the years to come.

It brings together Pôle emploi and company, process, trainings, skills and competencies that candidates must undertake. An example: to hire several hundred employees, Siemens factory in Le Havre, Which produces blades and nozzles for wind turbines, for example, asked candidates to follow a complex course in the form of a platform with a pen, without putting the sheet on the ground and going beyond the line.

For these new trades, we rely more on skills than diplomas. The company takes care of training its new employees for their specific needs. With simulation recruitment, 45% of those hired are long-term job seekers and 70% do not come from this field.

Many companies are starting in areas that are essentially open to the pioneering system. As for the pharmacy: lAmerican Merck Has started a huge recruitment campaign without the CV. The new Mosheim production site will employ 350 people. Performance tests, motivational interviews, but at no time does the popular document listing diplomas and professional experience interfere. Carrefour does this for 15,000 contracts, CDD or training, for young people under the age of thirty.

To replace the CV, there is also video. In Leroy-Merlin, it has been twenty years since CV was set aside for places in stores or warehouses. We like late video interviews. Applicants answer recruiters’ questions, but not live: they register. Recruiters look at the records anytime.

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