John Gibbons wants Mets manager

John Gibbons wants Mets manager

So far, the Oakland Mets and Ace are the only two clubs without a manager. However, the two teams are in a different situation because the first will undoubtedly be five times bigger than the second pay.

The requirements for managers in the two cities are necessarily different. In New York, we’re looking for an experienced guy to lead the troops in the playoffs.

And frankly, John Gibbons is interested in being the manager of the controversial New York Mets.

At least he said recently that he hopes to be able to get a call from Billy Effler.

The veteran has spent many years of his life with the Mets. Has devoted twenty years to the organization in various roles.

Is he saying this to bring himself back inside? Sports? After all, his name has rarely been spread since he saw Charlie Montoyo take his place as manager of Blue Jazz three years ago.

Apparently he has got mileage and he knows what to do to get a lead in major league baseball. He won his division with Toronto and has two championship series appearances (2015, 2016).

However, it was controversial during its two visits to Queen City.

Can he do it in New York with harsher criticism than in Toronto? The question arises as there will be little room for maneuver in the club.

Will continue in the next few weeks.

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