In Russia, the recollection of the repression of the last century is also forbidden

In Russia, the recollection of the repression of the last century is also forbidden

After the independent media, Russian authorities are increasingly targeting other organizations. Now the memorial, one of Russia’s oldest and most respected human rights organizations, is in danger of closing.

The memorial has been reporting on human rights violations since the 1980s. It investigates the crimes that killed millions under the Soviet dictator Stalin. But the promotion of repression in Russia, even from the last century, is less and less allowed.

Officially, the memorial is said to have not complied with the rules associated with the ‘foreign agent’ label already imposed by the organization in 2013. This includes opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who holds a public list of political prisoners. This is seen as support for ‘terrorism and terrorism’ in Russia.

Political decision

According to Irina Kalkova, director of the Memorial Museum, the accusation aimed at thwarting criticism of the Soviet past is clearly political.

“Dissolving us is a political decision taken from above. It is a big blow to civil society and we are very concerned,” Kalkova said:

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