Le Royaume-Uni demande à la France de s'attaquer plus fermement aux traversées dans la Manche.

Immigrants: London calls on France to strengthen its routes along the coast

Posted on November 25, 2021 at 6:21 pmUpdated November 25, 2021, at 10:26 PM

Faced with an increase in illegal shortcuts on the channel, the British have repeatedly expressed their desire to see France deal with this traffic more firmly. After the dramatic shipwreck on the coast , Thursday morning headlines, photo of an inflatable boat loaded with immigrants heading out to sea a few meters away from a French police car can only reinforce this sense of impatience.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is not surprising, but it is a reminder of how vulnerable these vulnerable people are at the hands of kidnappers, ”Home Minister Priti Patel told the House of Commons.

When repeatedly asked how the government could put pressure on France, the Minister responded that in conjunction with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a number of concessions had been made in Paris, such as technical mechanisms, joint patrols and an agreement to define conditions. For return migrants or for use with detectors and radars. Faced with “this is a global migration crisis” he argued that “there is no quick solution to this long-term problem.”

Boris Johnson has called on President Emmanuel Macron to repatriate immigrants from France to the United Kingdom. “We propose a bilateral restructuring agreement to allow the return of all illegal immigrants crossing the channel,” the British leader wrote in a letter to his opponent on Twitter.

“Take control”

The interior minister is playing big on the immigration file , His government was elected after Brexit on the promise of ‘regaining control’. Leaving the EU put an end to the independent movement, which did not provide a solution to illegal immigration, and weakened some measures. Although imperfect, Dublin’s restrictions on the return of rejected asylum seekers to the first country to enter the EU are no longer applicable.

London seeks to establish bilateral agreements with every European partner. But France rejected the plan. Wants the issue resolved at the EU level .

Weak condition

Priti Patel’s position in government has been weakened by these illegal shortcuts, which have affected more than 25,000 people since the beginning of this year. It is even more exposed as it is currently defending a bill in parliament aimed at tightening asylum rules.

Migration during epidemics has once again become a concern in public opinion. A recent Yougov poll shows that immigration has risen to the top three issues for the British. It was cited by 34% of people in the poll, an increase of 11 points in a month.

This is enough to strengthen the Conservatives’ fears that Nigel Farage may return or that another far-right party may enter the political arena. The former UKIP party leader mentioned in The Telegraph that he was considering returning to politics. The Home Minister’s insistence, therefore, that he “made further proposals to France.” “The current situation can no longer continue,” he said. This is properly understood on the French side. “

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