How does Lebron James’ character affect the Lakers?

Being one of the best players in the NBA or any sport for that matter, can’t be easy. There must be a certain weight on these players’ shoulders to continue to perform at the expected level. However, can this also have adverse or maybe even favorable consequences on other players on the team? In short, of course, it can! While we can all try our best to worry about ourselves, having someone like this on your team can easily rub off on you, whether it be for better or worse.

It will be interesting to see just what continues with Lebron and the Lakers. In the past, he has actively thrown his teammates under the bus, something we’d hope not to see from a player of his caliber. A few years ago, a lot of bookies in Vegas and other places were giving the Lakers a less than 1% chance of hitting the playoffs this year. While this does sound absolutely crazy, 2019 wasn’t so kind to Lebron and the Lakers and they really didn’t make the playoffs.

One thing is for sure, things are not looking as good as they could for Lebron and the Lakers. While we wait to see how things play out, we can stay tuned for the latest NBA odds which are currently at -3500 for them to make the playoffs. Whether you are looking to put some bets on the Lakers’ not making the playoffs or putting your money on who will win the Finals, it’s always worth checking the odds out. I mean, isn’t it always best to try and make the most of what advantages we have, especially when money is involved? While not foolproof, a good odds site can be well worth a look before putting any bets down.

Should we count him out?

One thing that you can bet on is the fact that Lebron is not going to give up and really can never be counted out. While he had recently missed a good few games due to injury, he is back now and looking to make his impact in his 19th season. While  Lebron looks to better the Lakers’ chances of making the playoffs, one wonders if he, Westbrook, and Davis can really start clicking and make a proper playoff run.

Lebron is seen as a leader both on and off the court. Looking back through some of his interviews and talks, he has had some great quotes over the years.

  • “Warren Buffet told me once and he said always follow your gut. When you have that gut feeling, you have to go with it, don’t go back on it.”
  • “I hear that word pressure all the time.”
  • “You can’t be afraid to fail.”
  • “Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today!”

While James has not been so kind to some of his teammates over the years, you can bet your last dollar the Lakers are going to look for him to get things under control and take the team as far as it can go this season. Westbrook surely hasn’t had the best season so far and has even led the league in turnovers per game.

Can Lebron still lead a team?

Lebron’s leadership has probably been one of his biggest assets to any team, next to his playing ability of course. While he is no doubt a very talented player, he knows how to get his team fired up and whether you like it or not, he knows what it takes to make it to the playoffs and finals. Lebron has seen his fair share of finals and has likely seen more than any other current NBA player. While he has not won all the finals he was in, even just making it there is quite the accomplishment.

Lebron has no doubt had a big hand in being involved in who the Lakers have signed in the past couple of years (Melo we’re looking at you man). With this being said, they will now also need to look to his leadership to help them really get back to their winning ways. The Lakers have a decent roster and if their big 3 can start clicking every game, it will spell trouble for the rest of the league.

So, what even makes a good leader when it comes to an NBA team? Is it their desire to win? The training effort? Maybe it is their ability to listen? All of these could be true but if you ask me, I think some people are just born leaders and just have it in them. Just look at Lebron for instance, he has had a way with leading his teams to championships for most of his career. Surely this can’t just be a fluke and rather, it is just a special ability that he has.

Where do we go from here?

Well,  Lebron was recently suspended for one game thanks to his recent clash with Isaiah Stewart. Lebron appeared to hit Stewart in the face and even drew blood. While his teammates claimed Lebron isn’t a dirty player and it was just a tough play, it is still anyone’s guess. We haven’t seen this behaviour from Lebron in the past so we could be inclined to believe it was really just an accident.

Things are really only just getting started, with plenty more games to be played, the Lakers have as good, if not a better chance than any other team in the NBA. They have a great big 3 as well as starting 5 and even some composed veterans on the bench, waiting for when they are needed. Lebron and the Lakers will definitely look to make their mark on the 21/22 season and it will likely come down to if they can keep injuries down or not. If they can all stay healthy and find a grove, they will give any current team a run for their money.

Lebron James will want to keep his character as positive as possible as he can’t risk upsetting his teammates, not if he wants to win anyways. As we have seen, the Lakers have the talent and will need King James to be on top of his leadership game and guide the Lakers to at least the playoffs. This is all well and within the King’s reach and now we wait. After all, it is his 19th which sees him in great company. Does Lebron have what it takes to overthrow Vince Carter who currently holds the record for most seasons played in the NBA? Only time will tell and I for one, can not wait to watch!

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