Twain "The Rock" Johnson gives a personal car to a fan who has dedicated his life to helping others

Twain “The Rock” Johnson gives a personal car to a fan who has dedicated his life to helping others

American actor Twain Johnson, the star of the movie “Red Notice”, surprised a fan by giving him his personal car after learning about his good deeds and his daily commitment.

Credit: therock / Instagram

To share this emotional moment with all of his community, the 49-year-old actor has released a video that shows how Oscar Rodriguez was amazed during the preview of the movie “Red Notices” that he invited dozens of fans to.

“I gathered as much information as I could about each person in view, and in the end, the Oscar story moved me.” Twain Johnson explained.

For good reason, this famous Oscar Rodriguez is leading a respectable life. In fact, he spends most of his time helping others and caring for those in need. After serving in the Navy, he became a sports coach.

Every day he takes care of his 75 year old mother. But that’s not all, Oscar Rodriguez is involved in an association where he provides psychological support and food to women who have been assaulted by their wives. In short, you will understand, he is a particularly dedicated and compassionate person.

In order to congratulate him for these strange deeds, the respondent, nicknamed “The Rock”, decided to give him a nice gift at the moment of the screening of his new film. The actor’s original idea was to provide the Porsche Daikon he was driving in the film, but the carmaker did not want to follow suit. Then he said to himself: “I’m going to do even better. I’m gifting my personal vehicle.”

In the video, you can see Johnson giving Rodriguez a card explaining that the truck is now his. Overwhelmed with emotion and greatly surprised by such attention, Oscar Rodriguez falls to the ground and begins to cry before hugging the actor. The latter told him: “Enjoy your new car and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas”.

Twain Johnson wants to spoil his fans

In this moment when everyone was so emotional, watching the former Marine take off in his vehicle, Dwayne Johnson said: “It’s an honor for me to give a little pleasure to someone who deserves more than my car.”

Then, with a lot of humor, he added: “Now that I’m not driving I need to figure out how to get home.” “ Evil tongues will surely say that it is easy to attract such attention when you are one of the highest paid actors in the world, but not everyone does so.

Credit: therock / Instagram

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