“I started going to gay clubs, I loved it”

Les trois légendes NBA des Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan et Dennis Rodman

Despite the generally very busy schedule, some NBA stars often manage nightlife companies. For example a legend of bulls admitted that he had explored homosexual associations in his career and wanted it quickly!

Being formed in the most valuable league in the world does not necessarily mean having undeniable living health. Many league icons have proven that it is possible to excel on the courts, while not having to take care of your body or watch your sleep. It still exists today, but seemed more consistent in the past.

Nowadays, instead of carefully monitoring the daily lives of their players, the owners leave most of their leisure time to their organs when these funds are not in their facilities. The former NBA proud took advantage of the opportunity to lead an immoral life without suffering on the ground.

Tennis Rodman and the San Antonio Gay Community

The best example of the genre is without a doubt Tennis Rodman, And its extra gameplay activities, each one weirder than the next. In a recent interview with GQ, The former interior of the bull, for example, openly reconsidered its habits in relation to its night-time travels. He reveals that he showed himself to be a follower of gay companies during his time at Spurs.

In San Antonio, I started going to gay clubs and I loved it. I started bringing drag queens to my competitions. When you talk to homosexuals and talk about tugs and things like that, they are very happy. They raised their heads so high every day, man. They are not ashamed of anything. They don’t try to prove anything, they live their lives.

In search of the same Joey de Vivre, the worm gradually incorporated itself into the gay community of San Antonio, and adopted the same i-dont curve. This character still has its uniqueness today, and for many years it allowed me to look like a hairdresser and dress up like crazy without being afraid of the eyes of others!

Before coming to Spurs, Dennis Rodman was confronted with an unprecedented culture in which he was quickly identified. All must become one of the most folkloric characters in NBA history!

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