Ben Simmons is gone, crazy rumor that can change everything!

Le meneur NBA des Philadelphia 76ers, Ben Simmons, pourrait être échangé contre trois gros noms, présents dans l'immense liste de joueurs pistés établie par la franchise

Ben Simons does not seem determined to return to the Sixers and will always find new excuses that he should not have with his teammates. But according to a crazy rumor, he has no choice soon. The reason? His bank account.

When he returned to training a few weeks ago, some thought Ben Simmons On his return to the Wells Bargo Center and despite the frosty welcome given to the fans, Doc will abandon the idea of ​​leaving Philadelphia and return to his role in the reverse cycle. But it was bad to know a leader with more resources to delay revenue.

At first, he distinguished himself with a bad attitude by training with his phone in his pocket, which was not particularly professional. Finally approved by his management, he changed his song again and declared that he wanted to return to one condition: to be mentally prepared and to follow long treatment to regain his motivation.

Ben Simmons funds dry up!

But all of the so-called cinema may end soon, and Ben Simmons may soon be forced to find a way back to the field. Not because his owner wants it, but because he needs money above all else! This is how Howard Eskin, a radio presenter in Philadelphia, spoke to a source close to Blair. The leader will be near destruction.

I heard from someone very knowledgeable that Ben Simmons would soon be completely extinct. He has no more funds. He loses so much money without playing and he has spent so much money in recent months … For example, he bought a house for $ 17.5 million and he still has to pay his taxes. He owns two houses in Philadelphia for $ 8 or $ 9 each. Then he buys a new car every month for $ 500,000.

He spends the money as if it were worthless because he is sure that the money will never run out. If you know the person telling this story, he must be really in financial trouble. He never touches checks for missed games … he should come back, however all fans believe he’s broken. He had to miss the season, where he would return for his money.

Is Ben Simmons dry? The answer to the rumor is ‘yes’, which will trigger a quick comeback for the point guard. I have to say he loses $ 360,000 for every game he misses, which is over $ 6 million right now! Especially for a player who has had many successes in his career, especially if it is spent in luxury. Rumor to note.

Is Ben Simmons behind the wall? Only time will tell, but now he is not sure if he will return. However, if he continues to lose money, his financial advisor can rush him quickly.

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