The Rangers are in touch with Clayton Kershaw

The Rangers are in touch with Clayton Kershaw

We know that in the next few months, Clayton Kershaw and Ryan Zimmerman will make some big decisions. Should they always be with their team, sign somewhere else or retire?

The Nationals and the Dodgers have said that if the Legend wants to come home, there will be space … and in the case of Zimmerman, there does not seem to be an option to sign anywhere else.

However, this is not true for Clayton Kershaw.

Dodgers Pitcher does not know what he wants to do because he has never been a free agent before. He’s waiting, the Dodgers are waiting … but the Rangers are continuing the matter.

Why? Because if Kershaw does not return to Los Angeles, he will return to his hometown of Dallas, where he lives during the season.

It is unclear whether he wants to sign at a restructuring club, but Texas will sign him if he wants to play well for the Rangers.

It was clear he did not want to sign the contract if the pitch could not be made due to Kershaw’s health. So, let’s see if he can take care of himself to the extent that he is willing to sign the contract if it seems more and more unavoidable after the strike. Yes, his elbow stopped him in 2021.

Between discussions about the work contract and the health of the pitcher, it could be a long winter on the rumored level for Kershaw. The Dodgers don’t have to rely on him, they should only take him if he decides to come back… and the Rangers should be in a state of renewal.

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  • Yes, there will be strikes.
  • Juan Soto wants to check out.

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