State Council Taiwan Affairs Office announces fines of 474 million yuan for the Far East for the next volume of Taiwan’s independent checklist | Blog post


US President Biden has invited about 110 countries and territories to attend a video conference next month on the 9th and 10th of this month. Public opinion believes.

Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council: International Anti-Chinese Forces

State Council Taiwan Affairs Office: International anti-Chinese forces “use Taiwan to control China” must set themselves on fire.

In Beijing, the State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office expressed its strong opposition to any official transaction between the United States and Taiwan, and warned any Chinese opposition in the world that “using Taiwan to control China” was too dangerous. It is described as playing with fire.

Spokesman Zhu Fenglian said: “First of all, we must point out that the headlines about Taiwan listed on the US website are incorrect. We strongly oppose any official transaction between the United States, Taiwan and China. This position is consistent and clear. -The US Joint Statement states that issues related to Taiwan must be handled properly. “

In addition, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council continued to fire on Taiwanese independent elements and their supporters at today’s press conference.

Spokesman Xu Fenglian confirmed today (24) that the Taiwan Affairs Office had earlier this month announced that Taiwan’s executive Yuan Xu Jensang, “legislator Yuan” Yu Jigun and “Foreign Minister” Wu Zhao were listed as Taiwanese freedom fighters. And others are not the only ones on the list. All three advised the Taiwanese independence elements to “don’t worry, there are times when they really regret it”.

Xu Fenglian, Xu Jensang and other Taiwanese freedom fighters “provoked cross-strait conflict, undermined cross-junction relations, conspired to divide the country, and endangered peace in the Taiwan Strait.” “There are definitely more than these three on the list of Taiwanese freedom fighters,” he threatened. And some Taiwanese independence activists have recently expressed regret that they have been “too high” and not included in the list. “Don. Don’t worry, they’re really sorry.” At that point, the dubious declaration will be made with the second volume of Taiwan’s independence.

If persons involved are added to the list of Taiwanese independent citizens, the mainland will bar them and their family members from entering the mainland, Hong Kong and Mecca, and will not allow their subsidiaries and financial owners to profit from the mainland.

Zhu Fenglian also confirmed that the Far East group, a key political contributor in Taiwan, had been fined about RMB 474 million and reclaimed the inactive construction land of one of the companies. The investigation is still ongoing. Violations of the laws and regulations of the companies involved and the legal basis for punishment are published on the websites of the relevant law enforcement agencies for investigation and understanding in accordance with legal procedures.

Zhu Fenglian pointed out that the basic purpose of maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and to crack down on Taiwan’s independence and its affiliates and financial owners is to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and the core interests of comrades on both sides. Uncomfortable. We promote and support normal cross-country economic and trade transactions and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwanese comrades and Taiwanese companies under the law. However, we will not allow anyone or any company to make money on land while providing funding. Please help improve this article or section by expanding it. Taiwanese companies that have invested in the land are well aware of it, and believe that the leaders of these companies have a clear understanding of whether or not to donate to Taiwan’s independence.

The State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office confirmed that China was carrying out the “Taiwan Strait Canal” project, while bombing Taiwan’s independent elements. China and the State Council plan to build a “Fuzhou to Taipei” branch line of the “National Comprehensive Three-Dimensional Transport Network Planning Outline” published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

China’s Ministry of Natural Resources recently said it would work with related departments and Fujian Province to study “major transportation and other infrastructure related national projects for integrated development on both sides of the strait.” Of the “Taiwan Channel” project.

Zhu Fenglian responded that improving the cross-water connection, including infrastructure, is a key proposal put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping that meets the needs of deep-sea integration and development, and is in line with the fundamental interests of the comrades. On both sides of the strait.

He said China was planning and promoting work related to the construction of cross-sea transport infrastructure. The Pington section of the Pington Strait Road-Rail Bridge is fully connected by roads and railways; Related parties in Fujian Province have completed the initial technical project for “Bridge with Kinmen and Matsu”; The “National Comprehensive Three-Dimensional Transport Network Project” published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council “Outline” plans to build the Fuzhou-Taipei branch line.

Zhu Fenglian said the establishment of a more convenient and smooth transport network between the two sides of the strait would provide better transport resources and services to comrades on both sides of the strait and benefit the comrades on both sides of the strait. He expressed the hope that the Taiwanese comrades would appreciate the peace as they value their own eyes and continue to reunite while continuing the joys of life and actively participate in the just cause for the advancement of the peaceful reunification of the motherland.

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