“Japanopilia” is a presidential election issue, this is the cold election situation in South Korea, “Japanopilia because I wear UNIQLO” (1/5) | JBpress

"Japanopilia" is a presidential election issue, this is the cold election situation in South Korea, "Japanopilia because I wear UNIQLO" (1/5) |  JBpress

The critique of “Japanophilia because I wear UNIQLO” had no choice but to be surprised.

2021.11.24 (Water)
Li Zhengxuan


The following

Former lawyer Yoon Seok-yu, the presidential candidate of the “People’s Power Party”, attended a press conference with foreign media on November 12. The comments made at the press conference were used as an excuse to label “Sinilpa” (Photo: AP / Afro).

In the run-up to the presidential election in March next year, South Korea’s ruling Democratic Party of Korea has brought in a treasure trove of “anti-Japanese and pro-Japanese.” Both Democratic candidates, Lee Jae-myung, branded not only “People’s Power Party” candidate Eun Seok-yu, but also his father “Sinilpa”, making him an “anti-Japanese provocateur”. . Because Lee Jae-myung’s recognition did not rise as expected, the Korean people were left with no choice but to appeal to anti-Japanese sentiment.

Lee Jae-myung, who was cornered on suspicion of Osho-dong, is in charge of the “he Japanopilia” strategy.

About 110 days after the presidential election, Lee Jae-myung’s approval rating was 31%, Yoon Sin-etsu’s 42%, and Yoon, according to a November 19 poll by Gallup. Great lead. Yoon Seok-yu, who was confirmed as the “People’s Power” candidate on November 5, leads Lee Jae-myung in a total of 30 opinion polls released on November 19. As Mr. Yun’s superiority continued for more than two weeks, Mr. Lee’s sense of crisis suddenly increased.

The reason Lee Jae-myung’s approval rating is sluggish is that it has become clear that the Daishongdong urban development project he prides himself on is in fact a large-scale fraud case.

The Dashang-Tong development project, co-sponsored by Lee Jae-myung when Seongnam was mayor of Gyeonggi-do, is a multi-billion dollar project to give hundreds of billions of rupees to the unidentified private company Fachondei. The beginning. Yu Dong-qiu, then (at the time) President of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, who overseeed the project, was Lee Jae-myung’s closest aide. Also, the final approval of the project was Lee Jae-myung. In that sense, it is possible Lee was involved in the fraud.

However, due to the “case reform” of Moon Jae’s administration, the case, which was filled by those close to the administration, was reluctant to continue, and Mr. No investigation has been launched into Lee. As a result, criticism of the prosecution has accumulated from the media and public opinion, and public opinion for the special trial of the Osho-Tang case has risen to 60-70%. Government).

Former Governor of Jiangxi Province Lee Jae-myung is the presidential candidate of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea (Photo: AP / Afro)

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