“I’m ready …”: Melania Trump shakes America

"I'm ready ...": Melania Trump shakes America

The Trump couple were invited to dinner The spirit of Lincoln, On November 6th. This evening, Melania Trump expressed her desire to be the first lady again.

The dinner took place on November 6th The spirit of Lincoln, The annual event organized by the Republicans of Lock Cabin. This is a conservative LGBTQ + group. Against all contradictions Melania Trump The U.S. site reported that he was the guest of honor Nicky Swift. A surprising choice since former US President Donald Trump enacted anti-LGBTQ + legislation. According to our colleagues, Melania Trump fired one of her employees who had a Grindr account.

In the evening, one of Melania Trump’s conversational topics focused on her husband’s political career. Said someone who was there that evening New York Daily News She said she would support her husband Donald Trump if he launches a new campaign in 2024. He also talked about returning to the White House. “I’m ready to be the first lady again”, She had told her friends.

Right or wrong?

However, Melania Trump’s various statements contradict each other. The last time I heard, she did not want to be the first lady again. “For her, it’s a chapter – it’s closed, it’s over.”, Had handed over one of his cousins ​​to the American Channel CNN, Last September 5. Also, according to Madame FigaroAs part of a possible campaign in 2024, he would have expressed his desire not to attend Donald Trump’s meetings. As a reminder, the former First Lady has not attended her husband’s speeches since the end of her order. So, does she want to regain her role as America’s first lady?

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