How TEFL Can Help You To Become An English Teacher And Travel Abroad

Do you dream about leaving the 9-5 behind in search of travel and adventure abroad? Have you asked yourself how some people seem able to travel indefinitely or move from one exciting country to another without running out of money? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to teach but never got around to making that career move?

Whatever the reason, TEFL can help you to become an English teacher and travel abroad. From gaining a globally recognised qualification to giving you access to a wide range of jobs in almost every country on the planet, you’ll be amazed where a TEFL certificate can take you. And, with the English learning market set to explode over the next five years, there’s never been a better time to find out how TEFL can help you to become an English teacher and live out your travel abroad dreams.

What Exactly Is a TEFL Qualification?

Before delving into all the ways that TEFL can help you to become an English teacher and travel abroad, you might be wondering, what exactly is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. A TEFL certificate is an internationally recognized qualification that will enable you to teach English abroad. TEFL qualifications are gained by completing a course with a set number of hours (most commonly 120) either in person, online, or a combination of the two.

Although not always essential, a TEFL qualification is one of the most requested requirements you’ll see when applying for teaching abroad jobs.

Want to Teach English Abroad With No Degree? No Problem!

If you think that all those amazing English teaching jobs abroad are only for people with a degree or a background in education, think again! One of the ways that TEFL can help you to become an English teacher and travel abroad is by giving you a recognized teaching qualification that many employers will accept in place of a degree or previous experience.

While this doesn’t apply to all jobs or countries – for example, you’ll still need a degree to gain a working visa in places like China and Japan – there are lots of other destinations that will happily accept a TEFL qualification. Popular locations where you can teach without a degree but with a TEFL qualification include; Germany, Cambodia, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, and Mexico. 

Of course, it’s not only about what you can write on a job application – you will also need the skills and confidence to teach in real life too! During a TEFL course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about teaching English as a foreign language, with modules including classroom management, grammar, and teaching large classes.

TEFL Can Opens Doors For You All Over The World

One of the best ways that TEFL can help you to become an English teacher and travel abroad is by opening the door to opportunities in almost every country in the world.

Once you have a TEFL qualification, you’ll be amazed at just how many different locations all over the globe are looking for English teachers. And with the global English learning market predicted to be worth an estimated $54.92 billion by 2027, it seems certain that the demand for TEFL teachers will remain high.

With so many locations that are looking for TEFL teachers, it can be hard to know where to go! It’s important to do as much research as possible on potential countries and think about what you want from your ideal location. If you need a little inspiration to get started, you can read about teaching english in costa rica: the ultimate guide – 2021 | tefl org.

TEFL Qualifications Are Recognised By The World’s Top English Learning Institutions

Another way that TEFL can help you to become an English teacher and travel abroad is by giving you an edge with some of the world’s top English learning schools and institutions.

Because TEFL is an internationally recognized teaching qualification, many of the best schools will look very favorably upon candidates that have a TEFL on their CV. It takes away some of the confusion caused by different qualifications awarded in different countries, providing employers with an easy way to see who is the best fit for the job. 

If you have a TEFL qualification from an accredited and globally recognised provider, a potential employer will know that you’ve passed certain criteria and have the skills and knowledge to be a beneficial member of the team.

What To Look For When Choosing A TEFL Qualification

Now that you’ve discovered the reasons why TEFL can help you to become an English teacher and travel abroad, you might be wondering exactly how to go about getting your own. The great news is, TEFL qualifications are fun, inexpensive, and relatively quick to attain.

As mentioned earlier in this article, you want to make sure that you complete your TEFL with an accredited and internationally recognized course provider. Research the most respected TEFL organizations online and read reviews and testimonials from previous students to find out what kind of jobs they were able to get after completing their TEFL.

After you’ve chosen a TEFL provider, the next step is to pick a course. There are lots of different options for TEFL courses but it’s worth remembering that most employers will only accept one which comprises 120 hours or more.

You will also need to consider the cost and location of the course. Many people choose an online TEFL so that they can study remotely or fit their hours in around their current job. However, some employers prefer a TEFL course that includes a minimum of six hours of observed teaching time.

Ready To TEFL And Travel The World?

Once you have your TEFL qualification, you can start applying for your dream English teaching job abroad! Don’t forget to stay up to date on all the latest global happenings. Press Stories provides readers with the latest news and breakthroughs in politics, business, entertainment, and more.

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