Chris Broad will not pick up the Italian accent for the Super Mario movie


In just one more year, the animated film will be available worldwide. Super Mario Brothers. – Nintendo was the first to own, logically making it an unmissable event. No trailer has been released yet, so it’s amazing how the actor looks Chris Broad On screen he will play the role of Mario …

Producer Chris Meledontry explained in a short video interview TooFab, No longer expecting an Italian accent in the voice of a mustachioed plumber.

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Mario will be neutral

Chris Melodontry thus defends Chris Brad’s choice to double Mario’s character on screen – which does not escape controversy with fans of the Mushroom Kingdom universe. “All I can say for now is that he has a great voice for us and for Mario.Explicit boss. “I can not wait until you hear it

But there is a question: will we find the famous Italian accent of Nintendo’s logo for this new movie? Mario’s historical voice, Charles Martinez, never failed to reveal the European roots of the character in his long life – to the point of falling into good character caricature. But according to Melodontry, no toy accent has an impact on the speech of the mustachioed protagonist. “Let’s talk about that during the film. So you will definitely find a hint about it“The producer continues.”This is not the heart of his acting during the film. “

What about Italy in all of this?

When the interviewer asks him about the absence of Italian actors in the cast of the film, he wants to understand melodontry. “Well, as an Italian-American I understand“But the producer says the Italian roots of the Plumber brothers are well respected – one way or another.” Charlie Day, who plays Luigi, is a native of ItalyHe concludes.

Still scheduled for December 2022, the animated film Super Mario Brothers. He released his full cast a few months ago. In addition to Chris Brad and Charlie Day, Keegan-Michael plays Key Doda, Aina Taylor-Joy plays Princess Peach, and Seth Rogen plays Donkey Kong Camp. If we believe the latest rumors, the latter may also be the star of his own animated film.

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