Charlene of Monaco: The princess is almost dead, and forced to eat with straw

Charlene of Monaco: The princess is almost dead, and forced to eat with straw

Charlene, originally from Monaco, returned to the Rock in early November after a long absence in South Africa, and is currently being treated for “extreme exhaustion” at a “special institution”, almost dying, and the ignorant reveal that she will be forced. , Because she had surgery, had to eat through the straw.

According to a source from page six, the princess “could not eat solid food for more than six months because of all the surgeries she performed.” She could only absorb fluids through a straw so she lost half of her body weight.

Evidence recalls that Charlene, a native of Monaco, suffered from severe infections of the ear, nose and throat, resulting in “severe sinus and swallowing problems as a result of previous surgery.”

The source says Prince Albert’s wife is “tired from six months of surgery and unable to feed herself properly as a result of these interventions.”

“Friends fear that the Prince’s family of Monaco underestimated the severity of his illness in a dating with Prince Albert last week, in which he confirmed he was allowed into a special structure when he returned to the Chancellor.”

“It is unfair to show that she has some kind of mental or emotional problem.”

A long test

According to the palace, Charlene of Monaco, who returned from South Africa several months after several surgeries following an ENT infection, now suffers from severe physical and psychological exhaustion, “this can only be cured by rest, and by a follow-up,” Prince Albert II pointed out.

“Princess Charlene has been away from Monaco for some time. He was admitted to a special institution following the exhaustion associated with his weakness, “a source close to the palace told AFP. The Monacos National Holiday which the Princess could not attend. “She knew in that look that he had come to her senses and that she was doing the right thing. Not in Monaco for reasons of secrecy, ‚ÄĚPrince Albert explained.

In a press release issued on November 16, the palace noted that “Princess Charlene’s health needs a period of rest and rest to recover well,” referring to the “deep depression (…) after a much-tried medical course in recent months”.

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