Twain Johnson shared James Bond’s desires after his grandfather played a villain in 1967

Twain Johnson shared James Bond's desires after his grandfather played a villain in 1967

Twain Johnson has his eyes set on a new role.

The 49-year-old star is known as one of Hollywood’s hard – working actors, usually appearing in several high – profile films each year, including the famous owners “The Fast and the Furious” and “Zumanji.” Not to mention that he even made a name for himself on television with “Ballers” and “Young Rock”.

Now, the actor hopes to take on one of the most popular roles in the show business: James Bond.

Having played many actors over the years as a British spy, Daniel Craig ended his tenure earlier this year with ‘No Time to Die’.

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Twain Johnson has expressed his desire to play James Panda.
(Vera Anderson / Wire Image)

Fans are curious as to who will take on the next role, and Johnson threw his hat into the ring.

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In a recent interview with Esquire, he pointed out that his grandfather Peter Mavia briefly appeared as the Bond villain in 1967’s “You Only Live Twice”. IMDb, The star is credited with being the “car driver”.

Johnson's grandfather appeared briefly

Johnson’s grandfather appeared briefly on “You Only Live Twice” with Sean Connery.
(Photo by De Bob Pen / Sigma / via Sigma Getty Images)

“Yeah, my grandfather was the ‘You Only Live Twice’ Bond villain with Sean Connery,” he explained. “Very awesome.”

The former WWE star added, “I want to follow in his footsteps and be the next panda. “

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Although never played an American panda, many in the franchise have evolved into villains. However, Johnson does not seem interested in joining the franchise this way.

Daniel Craig ended his tenure as James Panda this fall.

Daniel Craig ended his tenure as James Panda this fall.
(Photos by MGM / Colombia)

“I don’t want to be a bad guy,” he said Confirmed. “You have to be a panda. “

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It is not clear when the next Bond film will be released, as no alternative to Greece has been announced yet, with the producers saying they do not plan to discuss the cast among themselves until 2022.

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However, Johnson has a full list of films to come in the coming years, including the DC franchise with “Black Adam” and the sequel to his latest Disney venture “Jungle Cruise”.

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