The Turkish scientist entered the literature with the method he developed

The Turkish scientist entered the literature with the method he developed

Ashok. Dr. Poskart; Developed a method for the treatment of urethral stenosis (stenosis of the urinary tract) resulting from prostate surgery, catheter use, trauma or fall and burning, pain and difficulty urinating.

After confirming the opening of the canal by transferring the bladder from the mouth to the neck, Boskart and his team operated on 7 patients with this method in 2 years and got positive results from all of them.

The technique he developed “Tissue transplantation in urethral stenosis” Poskart’s work, after which he gave his name, was published in the internationally acclaimed magazine “Urology Internationalis” and announced to the world.

Positive results

Ocean Boscard said that especially after prostate surgery, the bladder works on the neck contractions of the bladder, also known as the cervix.

Explaining the extraction of tissue from the mouth according to the length of the area with the stenosis, Bozkurt explained the method as follows:

“We transplant the pieces of tissue we take from the cheek to the diseased area, thus enlarging the narrow area. The tissue transplant method was actually used earlier. The urethra has anterior and posterior parts, and transplant surgery was performed. Positive results from patients who applied.After receiving it, we continued training.

Boskart pointed out that urinary tract stenosis is sometimes confused with the prostate, and that the problem was solved by tissue transplant surgery, so that it does not happen again.

Pointing out that the disease develops for no apparent reason in one-third of cases, Poskart said: “When urinary tract stenosis develops, the quality of life of patients is greatly affected. Problems such as frequent urge to go to the toilet and inability to go to the toilet, urinary tract infections. We solve the problem by replacing the tissue. Mouth to that area.” he said.

Ashok. Dr. After the transplant, the patient was hospitalized for 3-4 days and then discharged, Bozkurt said.

Boskart said he was pleased that his work as a Turkish physician was internationally acclaimed. “Whichever methods are used in the world, they are also being used in Turkey. These developments are significant in terms of health tourism. I hope to see the success of these studies better from now on.” Used expressions.

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