Terrifying sunset on Mars – photo of perseverance

Terrifying sunset on Mars - photo of perseverance

NASA’s Percussion Rover captures sunset view on Mars. A terrible pale sunset – you have never seen anything like it

Sunset on Mars is different from Earth / Photo: NASA

The image shows the sun sinking behind the rocky terrain of Mars, but its brightness is different from that of this planet.

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Even inside NASA He noted that Tuesday sunsets are usually distinguished by their distinctive blue color.

This is because the fine dust in the atmosphere allows blue light to enter the atmosphere more efficiently than colors with longer wavelengths.

But this sunset looks different: low dust in the atmosphere produces a more subdued color than average. The photo is slightly bleached to remove camera artifacts, he writes digitaltrends.com.

Previous diligence with its advanced Mastcam-Z Created the incredible panorama of Mars… It turned out that the red planet was not so red.

We said that too The Ingenuity helicopter made its fifteenth flight and photographed the red planet… The images will be examined in more detail by NASA staff.

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