MLB |  Cape Coupler and Kevin Cash are the managers of the year

MLB | Cape Coupler and Kevin Cash are the managers of the year

Cape Coupler was named NHL manager of the year on Tuesday after leading the San Francisco Giants to a record-breaking record of 107 wins in their history.

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In the American League, Kevin Cash of the Tampa Bay Race received this honor.

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Kevin Cash

Coupler led the Giants in his second season.

In a poll conducted by the American Baseball Writers’ Association, Coupler defeated Milwaukee Brewers’ Craig Council and the St. Louis Cardinals’ Mike Shield.

Coupler coached the Philadelphia Phillies team for two seasons before being fired.

The Giants hired Bruce Bochi, the team manager for three World Series victories, following his retirement.

San Francisco delivered a modest return of 29-31 in 2020 – their fourth campaign with a failed record at the time.

In 2021, either the Dodgers or the Patriots were expected to dominate, but the Giants had the best record in the major leagues.

However, the Giants were defeated by Los Angeles in the first round of the playoffs.

Champions of Council and Brewers Central.

GM John Moseliak said Shield was fired last month because of philosophical differences with management.

Bryan Snitker of the Braves and Dave Roberts of the Dodgers also received votes.

Coupler received 28 first-place votes; Consultant and Shield received one each.

Before losing to the Boston Red Sox in the first round of the race, the Americans set a 100-62 record.

Honored for the second year in a row, Cash defeated Dusty Baker of the Houston Astros and Scott Service of the Seattle Mariners.

Fourth place went to Charlie Montoyo of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Bobby Cox was also only voted manager of the year for two consecutive years (leading Atlanta in 2004 and 2005).

Cash 19 Top-ranked votes.

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