Aveyron. Sam de Vivis staff camped in front of the province of Rhodes

Staff set up tents in front of the province of Rhodes.
Staff set up tents in front of the province of Rhodes. (© Pascal Mazet)

Unbearable Countdown Proceed Sam’s staff. The Vivis Foundry (Aviron) In recent weeks Toulouse has been forced to suspend forced liquidation by a commercial court or by decisions of potential buyers. Its future is now in the hands of Renault, Its almost personal client. The acquisition offer must be finalized by Wednesday, December 24 for the automaker Patrick Belliti.

On Monday, November 22, the staff quit their jobs Blocked their factory. Some went on Tuesday, November 23rd In front of the Renault campus in Toulouse. But many were mostly established In front of the province of Rhodes.

Waiting for night

Elected officials, etc. Regional Councilor Pascal Mazet, Departmental Councilor Christian Tieulié or Viviez Mayor Jean-Louis Denoit backed them. Such as Bosch employees, Another threatened company in Onet-le-Château.

Their rally slogan has blossomed everywhere on the backs or posters. Until a while ago “I’m Sam” The title of an American movie. Over the months, it has become the cry of everyone who does not want to see Decazeville Basin To sink. To the point Pitch tents Spend the night there in front of government officials in Averon …

Great crowd in a few more days

A Petition Launched and a Large regional meeting Is scheduled 1There is December 2021 In front of the factory. We have to see hundreds and thousands of employees gathering at Vivis At the invitation of the CGT.

About 350 employees If the solution is not found, the job will be lost. Only one trade-in offer is on the table. Renault has always pushed it back until now And the government does not seem to have any arguments for accepting the company in which it is a partner. If it is final, the Commercial Court will review it and give the factory a new deadline. If she denies it, The The operation will be completely halted on December 10th. But neither the staff nor the elected officials have resolved this condemnation.

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