Presidential Election 2022, This Week Review: Going to London in Jemmore, Continuing Debates on the LR, LaREM Begins

Presidential Election 2022, This Week Review: Going to London in Jemmore, Continuing Debates on the LR, LaREM Begins

Presidential Election 2022 – Interviews with our political journalists, campaign moments on the field, polls, analyzes … Follow us directly on the 2022 Presidential Election Campaign.

Five months before the first round of voting, the presidential campaign is in full swing. Discover our recap of the political week from November 15 to 21, 2021.

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2022 Presidential Election

London Quest for Eric Zemor. Defendant, who was due to announce his candidacy in the days leading up to his large rally in Zenith in Paris on November 5, traveled to London with several of his supporters to fund his campaign. It was a risky journey as London Mayor Sadiq Khan first announced that Eric Jemmoor was a non-personality Grota before canceling a conference at the Royal Institution. The potential candidate, targeted by the collective attacks of all political sensitivities from the left to Marine Le Pen, has sparked a new controversy by attacking the security record of Nicolas Sarkozy, who he wants to seduce his former voters.

The right was refreshed. Based on the strength of the debates organized in recent days on several channels, including the LCI, the Five Postlands are entering the house of their internal campaign, which will lead to the verdict of the activists in Congress on December 4th. Everyone has their own way of restoring their health. For Eric Ciotti, who wants to create a tough division, these discussions provided an opportunity to convey his strong position, especially in defense, even as he showed his proximity to Eric Gemmer. As for its rivals, firmly anti-Gemmoor, they chanted their respective themes – with a lot of settlement in the project – avoiding the problem of internal settlement of scores.

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Suspicion on the left. Is there a pilot to save the left? For now, there is no need to change the balance of power for Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon and Yannick Jodot, who are far ahead of the Socialist candidate Ann Hidalgo, who scored less than 5% from the start. School year. An Ifop poll suggests that this is not enough to reassure left-wing voters, especially that supporters are not dreaming much about the Jodot-Hidalgo alliance. JDD, Wants an alliance of all leftists … does not seem to care.

It is moving in Macronia. The president in the campaign? During the Houtes-de-France trip, we could see a fierce confrontation between Emmanuel Macron and Xavier Bertrand about Ascoval, but not officially. On the other hand, its teams work. Forum of more than 600 local elected officials, released JDD, The outgoing president calls for himself to be represented. In addition, a meeting of LaREM delegates is scheduled for Monday, November 22 to discuss the topic of sponsorships needed to run in 2022. In short, for the most part this table is also expedited.

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