Nike has partnered with Roblox to release its own metawares

Nike has partnered with Roblox to release its own metawares

In a recent press release, Nike a Notice The beginning of Nicland : Roblox is a virtual place where users can connect and share experiences in the brand universe. A The world imagined by Nike, In the background of its virtual world headquarters.

Nickland: Metawares according to Nike

Nike is accelerating technology companies. While all the major technology companies have been talking about metawares for months, the US company has released its own metawares. Conceived in conjunction with Roblox. Opportunity for Nike to offer its virtual headquarters: “A place where sports and creativity come together”.

In the same way

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The buildings and playgrounds found in Nickland are inspired by the real Nike headquarters. In this virtual world, Users can participate in many mini-games with their friends, And format others using the available virtual hardware.

Picture: Nike

Here’s proof that meta and Microsoft are not the only companies with big ambitions for metawares. At Nikeland, users can also explore the digital showroom Players can purchase Nike items for their avatar.

Reading the sports equipment manufacturer’s newsletter, we understand that this first edition of Nickland is actually the beginning of what the brand plans. In the future, this is the virtual world May host competitions related to global sporting events. We are thinking about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

A virtual world to promote access to the game

One can easily imagine how a virtual showroom can act as a teasing place to publish new products, or allow users to create articles together. The result of Partner with Roblox Not surprising. With over 200 million monthly active users, Roblox is one of the most popular games for kids and teens today. Virtual spaces democratize. Last month, Roblox Electric hosted the Daisy Carnival: a virtual music festival.

Picture: Nike

Nikeland is a way for Nike to reach new customers, connect with them in the virtual world and find them better in the real world. In that press release we read: “Nike’s commitment is to promote the movement and innovate for the future of sports experiences.”.

So it was necessary to go through the metawares To the brand. Nike makes it clear that Nikeland is free and accessible to anyone. This is one of Nike’s main objectives: to improve access to the game in all possible ways. This virtual world is a way to achieve this.

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