Ja Morant crossing Rudy Cobert’s road tells us it’s a spark

It’s NBA giving us a nice little evening of no less than ten games on the menu, to start Monday and week right. This time there is no XXL poster, just a pelicans – wolves until you dream, but some clashes that need to be seen clearly. Come on, let’s send the program!


Plan for Monday # 22 November 2021

  • 1 hour: Witches – Hornets
  • 1 hour: Guards – Nets
  • 1h30: Celtics – rockets
  • 1h30: Hawks – Thunder
  • 2 hrs: Bucks – magic
  • 2 hrs: Bulls – Crack bowlers (In Sports 4)
  • 2 hrs: Pelicans – Wolves
  • 2h30: Spurs – Suns (In Sports 1)
  • 3 p.m .: Jazz – Chrysalis
  • 4 p.m .: Kings – Sixers

#The Match of the Night, finally according to us

3h: Jazz – Grizzlys: A remake of the last playoffs, which is always worth it, even more so when you fight between Donovan Mitchell and Ja Morant. We remember giving up some sparks in May during the first round, and there was no reason not to have the show tonight. For the record, there is a clash between Jaa, the NBA highest scorer on the rocket this season, and the best defender in the league, namely our national Rudy Cobert. Rather hype, isn’t it? Most generally, Jazz has won three in a row and wants to consolidate its power, while Memphis will be keen to tighten the bolts after the big prison against the Wolves (failure 138-95). Apparently, given the level of protection Memphis has this year, Utah is widely preferred, especially since the Griffins want to lose their Pit Bull Dillon Brooks again.

# Track

  • Wizards from 1am – Second round of the Hornets Fight. Charlotte won her first victory a few days ago, and Washington wants revenge at home. Suitable for heating.
  • Guards – nets, this little poster is not bad. The destruction of the Caves was a disgrace, and Colin Sexton was not there to destroy Brooklyn on his own. Anyway good news for basketball fans (a little less for the Caves players), Kevin Durant is back.
  • Speaking of returning, Jaylan Brown will be wearing the Celtics jersey against the Rockets. He has not played since November 4th. It’s hard to beat Houston as a team in the heat.
  • Kiyanis last met magic on Saturday: 32 points, 20 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks, 2 steals. Will we do it again tonight?
  • In recent weeks the bulls have negotiated their big table well. And in general, it is not Indiana who has to break them in their tracks.
  • Speaking of speed, today Phoenix is ​​nothing hotter than the sun. 12 wins in a row, 13 soon in San Antonio?
  • Kings – Sixers. Want to see another Sacramento fan stumble live?


Ten games on the menu from 1am to 6:30pm and from Washington to Sacramento. In general we should not get bored. So we say we will meet later with coffee and a smile.

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