“Ghostbusters” masters at the North American box office

(Angels) Ghostbusters: RehabThe sequel, 80s Ghostbusters, grossed more than $ 44 million in three days, according to a provisional estimate by Exhibitor Relations, a specialty company, released on Sunday and was a box office success in North America.

The film, starring Bill Murray, Chigorny Weaver and Paul Root, follows the adventures of the descendants of the first Ghostbusters as they take the Suite and Ectoplasm vacuum cleaner from their adults.

So come chase Marvel superheroes Eternities From the head of the North American box office. The five-star distribution force (Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek) ranks second on stage with a superior force sent to Earth to protect humanity, raising nearly $ 11 million from Friday to Sunday.

These superheroes did not scare the big red dog “Clifford”, whose adventures were adapted from children’s cult books in the United States and took third place on stage, earning more than $ 8 million.

Better than that King Richard With the incredible rise of famous tennis champions, sisters Serena and Venus Williams, it is raising $ 5.7 million for its release.

Hill, Adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 Interstellar novel, 4 continues to perform well.e Rankings: Recorded 3 million from Friday to Sunday (almost 100 million since its release).

Here are the rest Top 10 :

6. Poison: Let there be massacre (2.8 million)

7. No time to die (2.7 million)

8. French dispatch (970 000)

9. Belfast (940 000)

10. Ron made a mistake (888 000)

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