Find the seven best Portuguese restaurants in London

Find the seven best Portuguese restaurants in London

Once upon a time, we’ve come up with a list of the best burgundy beef and other Lorraine quizzes to take you to the country where we share our plundered logo. Discover seven of the best Portuguese restaurants in London with us.

No need to leave the English capital to eat all the delicious food that Portugal has to offer: salted cod, pre-chicken, pastries de tape, seafood plate.

Bar Duro à Flat Iron Square

The restaurant, which is adorned with the typical blue-painted tiles of Portuguese houses, has captured the hearts of Englishmen since its opening in 2017, with the second location recently opening around Finsbury. At this restaurant, you can taste everything while ordering endless small portions. If you can not decide between salt cod milling and tape steak, take both!

Bar Turo offers a complete and 100% list of Portuguese wines ranging from the famous bottle of Vinho Verde, to Portuguese cocktails made with white port and tonic.

Gold Grid Dance Stockwell

Here, the spirit is not really “small tapas plates” but rather “large areas and friendly atmosphere at affordable prices”. The restaurant serves regular dishes from all over Portugal such as Cadblana, pork and seafood shells from Alcarve in southern Portugal. If you can come over the weekend, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your meal with live music.

Santa ribbon at Covent Garden

Santa Nada is not a restaurant, but the establishment deserves its place in this ranking. Popular for cream bags – or pasties de nata if you are fluent – this is the place to come and enjoy this typical Portuguese dessert. From father to son the bakers are family owned and managed, you can even watch the bags being made and try to make them back home for more adventure from making the dough to filling.

O Dino ம் Camden Town

This family-run establishment with warm atmosphere serves classic home-made Portuguese cuisine. It will satisfy those who love both land and sea with its dry and salty cod, its Portuguese style white clam or its splintered chicken. Vegetarians also need to find something that suits them.

The wine list is particularly affordable and for those who do not want to take off their sandals to face the cold of London, this restaurant offers a take-out service.

House from Chicken to London Bridge to Shortditch

This restaurant specializes in Portuguese barbecue, which you can find in the Shoredich district and its branch around London Bridge. In this regular churrascaria, you can eat the best pre-split chicken of your life, roasted on charcoal and sourced from local butchers. As a vegetarian option, the establishment offers a plate of roasted broccoli, roasted cabbage and a white bean stove with Azori cheese.

Volta do Mar at Covent Garden

Hidden inside a small town house, this restaurant offers a real “return to the sea” as its name implies. The menu here focuses on the maritime history of Portugal. Besides Portuguese cuisine, we will cook for you from Brazil, Cape Verde, Angolan, Japan, Mozambique or all over the old trade route from Goa and Macau.

The Casa Madeira next to the Vauxhall Bridge

At this restaurant in south London, you can find both regular dishes like salted cod and roasted Madeira beef. For lovers, the establishment also offers to share delicious dishes such as the Monkfish Stove with Rice and Shrimp.

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