Emmanuel Macron wants to “strengthen cooperation” with London

Emmanuel Macron wants to "strengthen cooperation" with London

In an interview with La Voix du Nord released on Thursday evening, Emmanuel Macron said that Paris should “strengthen cooperation” on the difficult issue of immigrants with London.

The head of state recognizes it Immigration visit Wanting to move to the United Kingdom creates “a very difficult situation for college residents”.

“I will carry out reforms within the framework of the French president of the European Union,” he notes, from January 1.

“We have the British, they are oscillating between partnership and provocation. We need to strengthen more. Together. If those who want to join the UK (immigrants) have a family there, it should be part of the family reunification. If they were hit by kidnappers, we would have to break this system, ”he added.

According to the Maritime Province, Between January 1 and August 31, about 15,400 migrants attempted to cross the dangerous canal., Of which 3,500 were “rescued with difficulty” at the strait and brought back to the French coast.

Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that he had spoken with the mayor of Calais “to help his city reclaim its future” and that “new solutions” would be announced by “several ministers” in the coming weeks.

“I listen to the concerns of associations and rights defenders,” he added, adding that two activists from Kalais had been on a hunger strike since October 11 in support of the diaspora.

“Massive investment has been made in building reception centers for those who want to start procedures in France,” he said.

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