Do you know the salary of Apple employees?

Do you know the salary of Apple employees?

Web Desk: What is the salary offered to most of us by different companies? The habit of inquiring into that. It is only natural that those who work as engineers and designers at the world-renowned technology company ‘Apple’ should be interested in what they earn. The popular American business website ‘Business Insider’ did the same. Designers and engineers who have been doing a lot of work to introduce the iPhone, Mac, etc. to the world with the latest changes in line with the trend are wondering what the salary will be. These figures are based on Apple’s payroll details submitted to the U.S. Overseas Labor Certificate.

Salary for the year based on status is as follows ..

* $ 1,28,200-2,20,000 per computer software engineer (approximately Rs. 95 lakh to Rs. 1.63 crore)
* Software Development Engineers $ 2,39,871 (approximately Rs. 1.78 crore)
* Machine Learning Engineers $ 250,000 (approximately Rs. 1.86 crores)
* Testing Development Engineer $ 137,275 (approximately Rs. 1.02 crore)
* Production Service Engineer $ 1,50,000 (approximately Rs. 1.11 crore)
* Software Development Engineer $ 1,25,000 (Approximately Rs. 93 lakhs)
* Engine Learning Research Engineer $ 2,11,300 (approximately Rs. 1.57 crore)

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