5 Mistakes That Infringe On Your Privacy And Security On The Internet

5 Mistakes That Infringe On Your Privacy And Security On The Internet

Some misguided policies for users of the Internet and social networks can infringe on their privacy and cause electronic damage to their devices, which can steal their money from their bank accounts.

According to the American Fox News website, the following report reviews five bugs that could have tampered with a user’s account and damaged it.

1 – Account “Twitter” opened

Twitter users who make published content available to the public are at higher risk of account theft, for which the user must enable the tweet security feature and limit the process of viewing the published content to your followers.

2 – Home Internet

When creating a password for the homepage, the browser must select the hard and unique word so that it is not easily hacked and identify the search terms used by the network user.

3 – Password

Frequent use of the password in more than one application exposes the user to privacy violations, especially if they are the same as the four-digit number used to unlock the phone.

The numbers used in the password increase the likelihood of being violated if they come from a home address, phone number or birthday.

4 – Ads on social networks

Social media ads are a common way to steal money from users and those interested in discovering new products through these ads, as cyber scammers target by tracking users’ browsing and purchasing information.

Instead of clicking on the ads available through social networks, cyber security experts advise users to visit the brand’s website through the Google search network.

5 – Applications that help steal your information

Some electronic applications on mobile phones target user information, easy access to user information, serious damage to the phone and theft of money through electronic operations.

When downloading these applications, the user should delete it, except to ask him for additional personal information.

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