Under siege: Warner Bros. prepares a remake of High Seas Pigeon for HBO (…)

Under siege: Warner Bros. prepares a remake of High Seas Pigeon for HBO (...)

A resume High Sea Freelance (Under siege Original version), a 1992 action film starring Steven Seagal, working for Warner Bros. Timo Tijajanto movement and Umayr Aleem writing. The two are said to have co-created the pitch, and the film is set to air on HBO Max.

It is not yet known if Seagull will resume his role for Casey Ribeck, who became the former Navy SEAL cook, who was the only person in the film to prevent a group of terrorists from controlling a U.S. warship. Directed by Andrew Davis, the film grossed over $ 156 million at its release and its sequel in 1995. High speed wire (Under Siege 2: Dark Territory), Which grossed over $ 104 million. The first film starred Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Fuse.

Indonesian filmmaker Tjahjanto made his directorial debut with the “Safe Haven” section. V / H / S / 2 . Realized then Night is coming for us And Let the devil take you, 2 titles were screened at Fantastic Fest and are available on Netflix. Previously he wrote and acted Murderers, நெத்தி அடி And Portals. Tjahjanto is currently directing a new line remake of the Korean film Train to Busan, May be called The last train to New York. The film is being co-produced by Atomic Monster and Commont with screenwriter Gary Doberman.

Aleem is a critic Kate, Netflix action movie starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Horlson. He recently sold an original action-adventure story. Baladin, Are produced by Stombeat Ventures, Greg Silverman and John Berg. Aleem’s original script, Animal, Is in production and Endeavor content has been sold, with Pete Berg as producer and James Madigan as director.

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