This billion dollar deal between the United States and Senegal

This billion dollar deal between the United States and Senegal

The long-awaited visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen will have a strong impact on Senegal’s economy. In fact, the United States and Senegal have concluded a $ 1 billion funding agreement for US companies to invest in infrastructure construction in Senegal.

In addition, Blingen and his staff, the head of US diplomacy, signed four important MoUs with the State of Senegal on Saturday morning, represented by its Minister of Economy and Cooperation and Planning, Amado Hat.

Infrastructure: The annual cost of road maintenance is knownSelected for you: Infrastructure: The annual cost of road maintenance is known

The agreement, concluded as part of a public-private partnership between US companies and the State of Senegal, will establish the Dakar / Saint-Louis Toll Highway, the installation of 375 traffic lights, the construction of the Jiguinchore and Dobor bridges, as well as the creation of a digital network for public safety.

“Today, four US companies have signed MoUs with the Senegalese government. Three of these companies are partnering with Ageroute to improve transport infrastructure. Cubic Transportation Systems plans to install 375 traffic lights in Tucker with traffic monitoring technologies to reduce congestion in the city and improve motorized travel performance. It also helps reduce carbon emissions. ABD Group plans to build a bridge between Giguinecore and Dober with steel produced in the United States. ”

As for the road sector, Ageroute has entered into an agreement with US company Bechtel to design the Dakar / Saint-Louis toll road soon. For his part, Motorola Solutions said it would “create a digital communications network for public safety in collaboration with the Interior Ministry to promote security integration throughout Senegal.”

“Since the beginning of our diplomatic relations 60 years ago, Senegal and the United States have been working hand in hand on many fronts. This applies to our governments but also to the private sector. To date, 50 companies from the United States operate in Senegal. An image is never equal, ”says Blingen. The sentiment shared by his Senegalese representative Amadu Hot.

Also, the US Secretary of State announced good news for young Senegalese entrepreneurs. “To make the dream of young people to become entrepreneurs come true, Usaid is making US $ 14.8 million available to the US-based International Winrock Association,” Seneweb reports.

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