Spy: After Israel, Iran expands its tents in Sweden

Spy: After Israel, Iran expands its tents in Sweden

A Stockholm court has announced that two people, including a former intelligence officer in Sweden, were indicted on Friday on suspicion of spying between 2011 and 2021. One of them was arrested in September for spying for the first time. He was later charged with “using classified information without authorization”.
On Friday, a Swedish judge finally decided to charge him with “bad espionage” like the second man arrested this week. Both deny the facts to which they are accused.
In this important matter, justice is less involved.
According to Swedish media, the two brothers live in Uppsala, north of Stockholm. The man arrested in September is said to be a senior officer and a former intelligence officer, his 40s.
According to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, he is of Iranian descent, of Swedish descent and has served in the Säpo – Swedish service, particularly in charge of espionage and counter-terrorism – as well as in many of the Swedish military’s spy agencies. Including the highly secretive KSI.
In parallel, Israeli security services arrested an Israeli working at the home of Defense Minister Penny Kants for contact with evidence related to Iran. “As part of a joint operation between Shin Pett and the police, an Israeli man, Omri Goren, was arrested on suspicion of treason and espionage while doing housework and cleaning at Defense Minister Benny Kants’ home, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation revealed.
During the investigation, “Koran provided his intelligence services in connection with an organization associated with Iran, installed spyware on Gantz’s computer, and to prove his seriousness, he photographed several locations in Gantz’s home.”
The Shin Pet Security Service states, “After operation of the device, the employee will not be able to access important documents, so none of these documents will be transferred to the parties to which he or she is in contact.”
O’Connor was interrogated by P. Conts, who eventually filed a chargesheet for spying for the Lot Court’s federal prosecutor’s office. The minister’s phone had already been hacked in March 2019, and Israel has suggested that Iranian hackers were behind the operation.

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