Russians reveal ways to speed up home internet within range: Community: Russia:

Russians reveal ways to speed up home internet within range: Community: Russia:

The Russians have come up with ways to speed up their home internet. about this Report Izvestia expert Vasily Trukhin quoted.

According to the expert, the internet speed will fluctuate during the day due to the number of subscribers using the WiFi network simultaneously. In this case, the traffic is separated for all devices connected simultaneously on the same network.

The problem with the Internet may also be in the wireless devices on your computer or phone. “For example, if there is a refrigerator or other large metal object between the user and the router, according to the laws of physics, they can lead to signal loss,” the expert explained.

Another problem is often “blocked” communication channels due to the large number of networks in a room. “The solution is to move to another channel or another channel. The 5 GHz limit for Wi-Fi networks is becoming more and more widespread: however, they have a coverage radius of less than 2.4 GHz, but there are not many networks like this – there is less interference in their work,” the source explained.

Formerly a Russian blogger Named A way to improve your home wifi speed. To do this, you need to change the channel in the router settings. The author of the video said that it will slow down the neighboring Wi-Fi router. In order not to interfere with the devices of other apartments, you need to go to a special address in the browser and open the router settings – each device may have its own.

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