Rain and thundershowers early in the week, most affected areas

Rain and thundershowers early in the week, most affected areas

As already expected in previous weather forecasts these hours of good weather will result early next week. The mid-western Mediterranean, occupied by temporary anticyclonic pegs at this hour, will again target the North Atlantic depression, which will begin gradually sinking from Sunday 21st Sunday into France, Spain, and then gradually. Central Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. By Monday the 22nd, a cut-off will take place, namely the isolation of the center of cold winds at high altitudes between Biscay Bay, southeastern France and Spain, with the implementation of a new, larger depression. Large part of the mid-western Mediterranean.

Humid and unstable currents from the west will trigger a low pressure action on the ground near Sardinia, which could lead to worsening weather in many Italian regions. In particular, the central Tyrrhenian region, northwest and Sardinia, will be most exposed to the arrival of fronts from the southern hemisphere, where, over the next two days between Monday and Tuesday, there will be showers and widespread thunderstorms. Moderate or strong intensity even internally. Lazio, in particular, can see the most intense and recurring thunderstorms inland, both north and west of Campania’s Mollis and then central Tyrrhenian coasts, as well as mid- to lower Tyrrhenian at sea, with occasional thunderstorms. Central Tyrrhenian coasts between Tuscany, Lazio and northwestern Campania. Towards Tuesday, strong thunderstorms are expected between southern Romagna and March. Clouds and moderate and irregular events in the south and the rest of the Adriatic, weak in the central Apulian fields, in the central east of Lugania, northwest of Calabria and north / northeast of Sicily. Irregular rainfall and precipitation in the Emilia-Romagna and central northeastern areas may result in extreme northeastern dry weather. At the beginning of the week, according to the weather forecast, it is expected to gradually decrease in the northwest, Tyrrhenian regions and major islands, with temperatures more or less stable even in the Adriatic slopes or even in the local area. A little less.

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