Nets rookie who nails the head and forgets Kyrie!

Kevin Durant et James Harden avec les Nets

Nets are sometimes in trouble due to the lack of Kyrie Irving. Game Missing நோட்டம்மென்D. Offensive creativity and madness, things that Uncle Drew brought with him. Luckily for Steve Nash, he has one player with the same qualities in his staff… and he has 46 points!

Despite an eventful start to the season, the Nets currently have a great record with 12 wins and 5 defeats at the Eastern Conference. The results are particularly impressive if we know that the staff is still at full interval and some players are not yet 100%. James Horton For example, the game is good at structure and development, but it’s not scary yet in scoring.

In fact, Steve Nash can say thank you for now Kevin Durand In the form of his career and on his way to winning another MVP title. He will have to fight to the end with Stephen Curry, but if Brooklyn is at the top of the East he will make some excellent arguments. In fact, the only drawback at the beginning of this exercise is the inability to win against the big guys.

Cam Thomas was on fire in the G League

The nets were destroyed by bucks, heat, bulls or the Warriors, which is necessarily a concern from the point of view of the playoffs எப்படி How to talk about the title when a team cannot win against the big players? For those who observe this right on a daily basis, the reason for these bad results is simple: Kyrie Irving Very scarce.

With his renowned attacking prowess, the point guard has always been a safety valve, and his offensive creativity has always allowed him to transform his game.1 In a 1-to-1 situation he can go round for two simple points or put a point. The bow was shot from behind, which is confusing to the defense. In the G League, a Nets rookie showed similar qualities, which can be invaluable in the search for the title!

Cam Thomas, the Nets’ youngest newcomer, scored 46 points with 53% victory for Long Island, while at the same time it has an impressive arsenal. He is good at attacking the circle and he knows how to finish beef interiors, but he can hit the target halfway or behind the curve. So no, he won’t be the new Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, but he has a profile that opens up some complex situations, especially in the playoffs.

Cam Thomas may not take a big place in the cycle imagined by Steve Nash, but beware he may be a one- or two-time savior during the season and playoffs. So easy to refer to is a rare gift, too much to exploit.

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