Michelle Keegan laughs as Boris rides around London on a bike with friends

Michelle Keegan laughs as Boris rides around London on a bike with friends

MICHELLE Keegan spent some quality time with his friends in London around their city.

The TV star, 34, took to Instagram to document a fun day with his friends, and everyone laughed.

Michelle spent a day in London with her friendsCredit: Instagram


TV star Boris seemed to have a good time touring the city on a bikeCredit: Instagram

Michael looked uniquely styled in a heritage-built winter coat, in which he paired with elegant black pants and sneakers.

The Brazilian star wore his long brown hair in a loose ponytail and Boris cycled through the park with his friends on a bike.

She and her friends tasted mulled wine while exploring the city and got down to Christmas excitement.

On Saturday night Michael enjoyed a meal of sexy fish and an alcoholic night with his friends.

The group had a nice bite before enjoying the cocktails and then went to the tequila scenes.

The exit takes place shortly after The Stockford-born actress returned to London after filming Brazik Up North.

Michael played the stubborn single mother Erin in the mad gang drama for three seasons.

Sky Comedy returned to the TV screens last month for the third round, and Michaeline Erin Croft has now taken over The Rod and Cutter Gentleman Club.

Formerly owned by Dommo (Ryan Sampson), he is best known for his strippers.

Michael explained, “There is a real power struggle between her and Tommo because he is apparently the previous owner.

“But even if she takes control, let Tommo have some power within the club.

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“Obviously, Eli and Cutter are known for their wild piece nights. But she wants to make it a little more confident, a little more modern, and really like a bar, and that’s her view of the club.

“So there are no stripper posters on the walls, no breasts, no breasts. “

“She wants it to be a little more chic.”

Michelle was having as much fun cycling around town


Michelle was having as much fun cycling around townCredit: Instagram
Michelle recently finished filming Prazik in the North


Michelle recently finished filming Prazik in the NorthCredit: Instagram

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