Los Angeles 2021 | Vietnamese maker Winfost debuts in North America – 98.5 Montreal

Los Angeles 2021 |  Vietnamese maker Winfost debuts in North America - 98.5 Montreal

For many years, the Los Angeles Auto Show has been the scene of many important launches. We only need to think about the Rivian company that delivered its first vehicles in the fall of 2018.

Wednesday marks the official launch of Vietnamese maker Winfast. For this event, the company introduced two electric SUVs, the VF e35 and the VF e36. We both benefit from many advanced technologies and get plenty of opportunities for them to come back.

The event represents a milestone in the company’s global expansion plan, which seeks to play a leading role in the new global reality filled with electric vehicles.

If WinFast does not ring the bell, tell yourself you are not alone. The company was founded four years ago and so far it has issued licensed BMW and General Motors products.

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Winfast VFE36

By introducing a brand new brand in a large salon like Los Angeles, Winfast puts Vietnam on the global automotive map. The company also benefits from key local support. VinFast is part of Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest conglomerate, which has already pledged $ 3.5 billion in the venture and hopes to eventually produce 250,000 vehicles a year.

Winfrost CEO Michael Loscheller said: “We are deeply motivated to encourage our customers to be brave and to join the revolution towards electric vehicles to speed up solutions to this problem. VinFast firmly believes that the future of mobility will be smart electric cars. These vehicles meet safety standards and provide a better and more comfortable driving experience. “

VinFast VF e35

As for the vehicles offered, they are two SUVs. VF e35 is a small size model, VF e36 is a medium sized application. The 35 version is equipped with an 86 kWh lithium-ion battery, while the 36 variant benefits from 90 kWh. We are talking about the usable size here, which guarantees a total capacity of approximately 96 to 100 kWh. All electric vehicles have some capacity reserve because the lithium-ion cell can cause minimal damage throughout.

The company promises to recover 70% capacity in 15 minutes with the fastest terminal.

Of course, we are still a long way from the beginning of these models. We will have the opportunity to come back with more accurate technical data. VinFast’s electric SUVs will be available for pre-order in the first half of 2022, with first deliveries expected to continue by the end of the same year.

Note that the company plans to open 60 stores in the United States and 38 centers in Canada with significant presence in Quebec. Some will provide a more comprehensive service, while others will simply take the form of a point of sale.

VinFast VF e36, rearVinFast VF e36, badge

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