Insulted Bronnie James should take off his shoes in public!

Bronnie James started the season with the Sierra Canyon

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Early in his junior season with the Sierra Canyons, Bronnie James challenged the ball in hand by a famous Dictocius. Unfortunately, for the king’s son, it was a shame he had to endure after the defeat …

If Bronnie James has been talked about recently, it’s especially for good. The 17-year-old, who is returning from injury, started his 3rd season in the Sierra Canyon, and he caused a stir. A large volume, Then a High powered tank. Unfortunately, this positive streak brought a terrible end to the LeBron descendants who lost even their shoes …

The story takes place far from any official parquet, with the influence and personality of Dictok “Nevermis Alli”. The latter, who has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram, challenged Bronnie to the top 10 free-throw matches with a clear and precise goal: the loser takes off his shoes and immediately gives to the other.

Bronnie James was forced to take off his shoes in public

Very confident, Brony accepted the challenge, however he warned his competitor that he was “not going to lose anything”. In fact, things were a little different. Allie missed only one attempt of hers and got a good score of 9/10. The Sierra Canyon star, on the other hand, scored his first 3 shots முன் before that he missed 2 almost consecutively! At the height of the humiliation, Allie gave Bronnie another chance… He failed again.

So the defeat was final for the king’s son, who had to take off his shoes and make sure to give TikTokeuse in front of many spectators. Summary of the line below, flattened in 3 minutes (Brannie takes off her shoes at 2:40):

From the determination to win, to the arrogant boxing in support, to the loss of his own shoes against TikTokeuse, who did not train at a high level, the defeat to Broni is total. Of course, free throws and James, this is not a beautiful love story …

A lesson in humility for Bronnie who lost a pair of sneakers, especially a lot of pride in the episode. Come on, this is part of the game!

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