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XV du Poireau Cool was selected by the interested Wallaby. Australian series scorer Andrew Kelley saved a kick to continue and scored the crowd’s first attempt (3rd). Short-term happiness. First Picker converts a penalty (6th), then Valadini, the third line of the Wallabies, receives a red card for involuntarily stamping his head when dealing with a beard (15th). Don Bigger added three points (16th).

Misfortunes follow one another to the audience, with Curtley Peel receiving a yellow card for volunteer forward (23rd). In the ensuing action, the Welsh equalizer and Ryan Elias equalized in the opponent’s in-goal (23rd). At the end of the period, Don Beeger takes another kick (38th). The talented James O’Connor floats the Wallabies against the poles (19, 28).

Interval score:

Wales 16 – 13 Australia


Wales and Australia go head-to-head on the autumn tour. Summary of the first period above.

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