To warn the Chicago control tower, Derrick Jones Jr. took to the skies

Derrick Jones Jr Top 10 20 novembre 2021

It’s time for the top 10 best acts of the night in the NBA. Want to turn all of the pictures and our little ideas into something delicious? Let’s go!

  • Getting dirty once is not pleasant, but twice in five seconds … Kevon Looney will need some support.
  • Grant Williams decides to adapt to himself: allowing Anthony Davis to flatten another is very promising.
  • Grand Williams Episode 2: We know Otto Porter Jr. as the auto pilot in Shaktin A Fool, but he seems to have been imitated. LeBron James has not heard so much!
  • Boston fans will begin to think that the NBA is sacrificing its player, but Grand Williams is still in the process of delivering one and the same to LBJ on this amazing last ball.
  • Toronto were in control against the Kings, but Fred Vanville decided to add a little show with a fantastic buzzer Peter.
  • DeMar DeRozan became accustomed to doing all-out in defense, and Will Barton decided to withdraw support.
  • Why set up a system when you go straight? He understood Zack Law’s point well.
  • Darius Pasley wanted to deliver the moment of his glory, but Giannis Antedocounbo said “not in my house”. What a hysteria!
  • We do not know how to make a poster in Georgian, but Cody Martin had to translate it into Coca Pitadze.
  • So there are no limits to when Derrick Jones Jr. flies into the tank. The guy is a combination of a marshmallow and a Boeing 747.

That’s it for the first 10 places of the day, but see you tomorrow with new pictures to split. See you soon? See you soon.

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