TikTok is about to launch its first mobile game titled “Disco Loco 3D”.

TikTok is about to launch its first mobile game titled "Disco Loco 3D".

It is no secret that video games are becoming increasingly popular among the general public and businesses are making a profit over time. Facebook’s recent efforts, with its cloud gaming offer and Netflix, with its mobile gaming service, show that big companies now want to get a part of the bag.

Now DickTok’s system is about to officially launch in the field of mobile games. It will take the form of a partnership with Zynga, a very prosperous mobile game company. Farm house. TikTok has announced that a game based on HTML5 is coming in the coming weeks. Crazy Disco 3D. The title is only available on TikTok.

Tests the public interest

Tiktok reported Tech Crunch The partnership with Zynga will help the company better understand how its community engages in gaming: ‚ÄúToday the company has a captive audience of gaming fans, including casual and professional gamers, but they do not know whether those users will react to the game integration. like this. “

The advantage of providing the game in HTML5 format is that it allows you to play the game without having to install a game and own a high-end phone.

TikTok is introduced in mobile games
TikTok Introduces Mobile Games – Keiko
Disco Loco 3D is only available on TikTok.

The game is very basic and goes on the nerve of games consumed in small quantities. It is a music based endless race. Players must avoid obstacles and collect bonuses. At this time, there will be no purchases or other forms of monetization in use in the game. TikTok currently only wants to test users’ interest in this type of experience.

Note that this is not the first game offered by TikTok. The social network actually launched the game earlier this year Garden food. ASBL Feeding is a community experience aimed at raising funds for the United States. However, in this case, it’s the most regular video game. The game was initially only available to US users on iOS and Android. It will be used in the coming weeks.

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