Van, ahol végleg leszámolnak a vezetés közbeni mobilozással

There are places where they finally settled in the mobilization while driving

The UK already has strict laws on the use of mobile phones while driving, although the UK government has decided to tighten them. Texting and making calls have long been possible only in emergencies, but from next year onwards, mobile phone use will be a violation in all cases.

Under thrift, you can not take photos or videos while behind the wheel, and you can not play music, playlists or other content.

For example, detailed rules are being developed regarding whether parking a car is an exception because consideration is given to whether waiting at a traffic light is considered traffic.

Drivers in the UK can only pick up their mobile phones in the UK if they have to pay for transportation online (by touching the mobile phone on the card reader) and use the navigation without having to press it. Safe location Phone.

The Engadget According to the article, those who do not comply with the rules can be fined up to 200 (approximately 87,000 forints), while they can be licensed by new drivers.

What is the situation in Hungary?

Not surprisingly, the use of mobile phones while driving in Hungary has long been banned. A. about this Transportation Paragraph 3 (2) provides:

The driver should not use a mobile phone while driving. Driving a two-wheeler or non-car three-wheeler should not use a portable mobile radio while driving, including parking for traffic reasons.

In case of violation of the rules, drivers can expect a fine of HUF 10,000 on the spot and a fine of HUF 20,000 for violation, with three penalty points.

We looked at the topic in detail in a previous article:

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