The London / Zurich flight returned with dirty socks

The London / Zurich flight returned with dirty socks
By Margaux Audinet | 11/19/2021 at 3:56 pm | Updated on 19/11/2021 at 22:14

A Swiss Airlines flight from Heathrow to London earlier this month was diverted due to a suspicious odor. The culprit was eventually identified: a dirty pair of socks.

It was on November 7, 2021 that the Swiss International Airlines flight from London to Zurich departed from Heathrow. After departure, a stench forced the commanders to return. His appearance? A pair of dirty socks.

A pair of socks will return the aircraft that was on board

There were about a hundred passengers on this international flight. After reporting an odor in the cockpit of the aircraft, the airline first announced that the change was planned due to a medical emergency. After customer complaints, the Swiss spoke out on the matter: ” The flight scheduled to take off was forced to return to London due to the smell of dirty pants in the cockpit. Note that “, security is a priority”.

But socks are not always the only culprit in cases of suspicious odors; History shows us that. In 2015, one of the captains of a British Airways flight to Dubai decided to bring his passengers back to Heathrow because the stench was high.

There is no compensation for air passengers

According to Swiss International Airlines, ” Exceptional circumstances “This incident” Inevitable “Compensation is not allowed under European rules. Rules mandated by Europe impose a compensation of 250 to 600 € (depending on the case) on passengers” Failure or cancellation of flight, excessive booking or boarding denied experience 2, this is not the case in this sock business.

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