“Regional aid is enormous but Verviers always come last”

"Regional aid is enormous but Verviers always come last"

The region’s help is immense, but the Verviers will always come last. This is what the victims say anyway“The mayor of Verviers, Muriel Darknian, said during a hearing before a parliamentary inquiry into the flood.

The march of mayors ended this Friday with the testimony of Muriel Darknion, who returned to the south of France via Barcelona and Dசsseldorf from vacation during the disaster.

I did not expect such great regional assistance. At this point, I am optimistic considering the resources available to rebuild our cities. But, especially disaster victims complain about this, why is Verviers always the last resort when we are already facing socio-economic problems?“, The mayor asked.

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All municipalities help the same way: when Limburg or Truce receive a million euros in aid, Verviers receives the same amount.“Although there are many citizens – 55,000 – very large.”The same goes for the dehumidifiers we received after other disaster areas. For example, Limburg received 300; Us 120. That’s what the weirdos do not understand“, She added.

The mayor – Sophie Lambert, was appointed mayor of the office until the evening of July 15 – and then returned to the course of these bad days of July. “Experts from the Provincial Crisis Center estimate the city will not be flooded and the red and orange areas of flood risk are only concerned about fifteen houses. On July 14, we took precautionary measures by closing some streets. But on that day, the situation was not entirely dramatic; There was no flooding except for a few streets and back gardens. The provincial grid does not care about us“, She explained.

However, the situation got out of hand overnight and on July 15, the city – despite the valley effect of having to protect it – was submerged. “This is what caused the dam to flood overnight“Muriel Targnion insisted.”The day before, we could not have imagined this situation where Vashti was not so overflowing“, She said again.

Eventually, more than 5,100 homes will be damaged. Today, half of the victims have not yet met with a specialist forced by insurance, Muriel Darknion pointed out. “More than 5,000 files have been opened in Verviers. I understand that this is complicated, but without the expert, there is no refund, so it does not work“, She finally regretted.

We need to make things more readable so that everyone in the intervention chain knows what to do

At the end of his hearing, the MPs again asked Sylvie Marik, general secretary of the Public Service of Walonia and Special Commissioner for Reconstruction. He had already been auditioned for a theoretical presentation in early September, which finally revolved around the role of the Regional Crisis Center. “I am not comfortable talking to you right now about the recommendations. But there is an important message: we need to configure, because for now it is very complicated“, She said.”We need to make things more readable so that everyone in the intervention chain knows what to do. That it will never happen again. If it happens again, it can provide a quick, structured, integrated response that will not let anyone get in the way.Sylvie Marrick concluded.

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