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Clint Fraser's life is in danger

The New York Yankees had to clean up their list of 40 people.

And among those who have been DFA (released) by the club, we notice Clint Fraser.

Tyler Wade and Rough Scent are also DFA.

For the past few weeks, his career has been known to be in jeopardy due to his health. Why? Who knows.

Last month, he said he was going to do a medical update. We are still waiting.

Being a DFA, he is not in the Yankees lineup with 40 players. He could go into minors and trade, but he was technically free. Who will be in all the rumors now?

I can not wait to see what happens to him. If he is healthy (which is a big IF in his later years), he may have a chance elsewhere.

Otherwise, it would be a great skill to be sidelined by injuries.

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