Petrosian takes Brexit on the wrong foot

Petrosian takes Brexit on the wrong foot

Petrosian opens laboratory for caviar production and maturation on British soil, a renowned French home, to combat bureaucratic shortcomings associated with Brexit.

The family business, founded in Paris in 1920, has been researching and maturing the best caviar in the world for over a century. The brand’s subsidiary was founded seven years ago in the UK. Petroleum products quickly won over the best restaurants and luxury hotels in the region. And by 2020, an online store has been created for all consumers across the channel to access a greater number of petroleum specialties.

After Brexit, new regulations and complex procedures affecting food imports prompted the brand to set up its own caviar laboratory, precisely in the UK, precisely in the London suburbs of Ceasington. A way to be more autonomous and flexible in meeting the customer’s need. As a result, on November 10, the first retail box was produced on the UK site.

Petrochemical caviar set up with new lab in London

Summary of the administrative and logistics puzzle

Raphaëlle Simmons, Managing Director of Petrossian in the UK, explains: ” Until now, we had to plan the products we needed six weeks in advance. The head office in Paris must apply for an export permit in specific quantities for specific parking numbers. They would send us export permits and then we had to apply for import permits, which could take a total of five weeks. After that it took us a week to get through the pack, ship and border control. And there is no room for error. The single box above or below what is mentioned on the slip blocks everything. A very complex process that can lead to a shortage or wastage of products. “

With its new base, Petrosian confirms its presence in the United Kingdom

To change the situation and always improve the quality, Petrosian has appointed a new caviarologist to be responsible for all caviar production in the UK. This particularly includes the role of Petrossian’s expert-ambassador for raw materials reception, ripening control, packaging, innovation, inventory management and cooks.

At the logistics level, Petrosian Imports caviar cans weighing 1.8 kg. They are refrigerated in the ripening chamber and routinely turned and hammered to ensure that no air bubbles affect the caviar. The process of ripening caviar can take four to twelve months.

Petrosian sets up a new laboratory in London for his caviar

“We import often, but in large quantities, Comments Raphaëlle, This will save us a lot of time and administrative procedures. Products in the UK will have a longer lifespan as they do not go through the six-week import process. We can supply large quantities of products and different packaging sizes. Caviar can also be refined to suit the needs of chefs. They will be in direct contact with our caviarologist. It’s a way to build more intimate and personal relationships with chefs, which we are very proud of at Petrosian.

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