Kanye West, Marvel actors ... many Amazon employees may have seen customer buying

Kanye West, Marvel actors … many Amazon employees may have seen customer buying

Earthquake in the Amazon. Long Journal of the American Magazine Wire, Released on Thursday, November 18th, reveals the sluggish behavior of some employees of the company over the years. Many of them can consult the order history and personal data of many customers, including many celebrities. The magazine supports its disclosure with internal organization notes and other confidential documents written directly to the group’s key executives between 2015 and 2018.

Most of the affected employees will be working in Amazon customer service. In particular, they allegedly misused access to comprehensive client profiles to consult the histories and information of their spouses or ex-spouses. A former representative of the group told Wired that some of his colleagues had witnessed the acquisition history from Marvel, without naming American star Kanye Westin or other famous actors owned by the Avengers.

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All of this is a clear violation of company rules. The latter stated in a statement that he “strongly rejects the notion that these abuses are common.” However, they seem to be, and have been since 2015, an internal document certifying. The latter, already at that time, would have found too wide access to the company’s database by customer service staff, and noted that this was a risk to the security of consumer data.

Amazon’s security

According to an audit, whose site Politics Echoed at the time, 23,000 Amazon employees had access to the enterprise tool, which allows an employee to link to the site as a seller, withdraw money or access order history. This is when they should not. Wired explains the reason for this problem: The tool in question helps Amazon provide the most efficient customer service. A notebook quoted by American magazine underscores that the tool exposes the site’s customers who are at risk of fraud from the company’s employees and subcontractors.

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Nearby Business Insider, A spokesman for the group, said the condemned practices were by no means widespread. “The company continues to invest in technology tools and practices that access only the essential data to carry out a specific task,” he declared. Before adding: “We have strict policies regarding proper access to customer data, and all customer service representatives must complete the training and certify compliance with these policies.”

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