Iran says it has seized a foreign ship carrying fuel in the Persian Gulf


20 November 2021 06:56 GMT

Reuters quoted local media as saying.

The Iranian navy has captured a foreign ship carrying fuel in the Persian Gulf. Reports Reuters quoting local media. Colonel Hajian, commander of the Navy Type 412 Sulfaker in the southern city of Persia, announced this Saturday that “a foreign ship carrying restricted diesel has been captured.” 150,000 liters of fuel.

Similarly, it was reported that there were 11 film crews Were detained For investigation, but details of the ship’s nationality and when it was captured were not provided.

Tehran condemns US effort "Steal the oil" An Iranian tanker

The military says his unit will “deal decisively” with maritime fuel smuggling to protect the Iranian economy.

A similar chapter Occurred In 2019, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards captured a ship in the Persian Gulf claiming to have smuggled 250,000 liters of diesel fuel to the United Arab Emirates. The ship was sailing in the Emirati waters from the Iranian port of Bandar Lenge, about half way through.

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