His “sexting” lost his job as Australian captain

Game Scan – Australian cricket team captain Tim Payne resigned on Friday after it was revealed he had sent a sexually explicit message to someone working for his federation.

Today I resign as captain of the Australian men’s team, Tim Payne declared, incited this scandal, which has erupted in his country. “About four years ago, I participated in a text exchange with a colleague», The player explained. However, the 36-year-old has said he wants to continue playing for Australia without being captain. The scandal arises just weeks before the start of the Ashes, the historic series of meetings against Australia against the UK since the late 19th century, which will take place in December and January.

I recently learned that this exchange is going to come in public. If you think about my actions (previous date) until 2017 in order to be the captain of Australian cricket“, He explained.”I deeply regret the injury and pain I caused to my wife, family and other parties.

According to Australian newspapers, the recipient of the news worked for the regional federation of Cricket Tasmania in 2018. The Australian Federation has launched an inquiry into the allegations, saying there was nothing wrong with its chairman, Richard Freudenstein.

The Tasmanian Regional Federation, on which the player depends, ended with the facts “Personal consensus“,”Among adults“And”Not done again.

Although the Board acknowledged that Tim had been granted leave to proceed with his case in this case a few years ago, we respect his decision.“Brightenstein called Payne,” he said.Exceptional leader.

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