Blade: Delroy Lindo joins Marvel Studios reboot cast

Blade : Delroy Lindo s

Although its release horizon is still a long way off, after it was decided to postpone its arrival in theaters to refine the screenplay, Restart From Knife And its integration into the universe Marvel Studios Step by step. It Hollywood Reporter He draws the announcement of an important merger with his cast on the person of the senior Delroy Lindo.

Malcolm Vampire X

That is currently explained by the popular American media Delroy Lindo So final negotiations are underway to integrate the image Knife, Realized by Bassam Tariq, And what Mahershala Ali Will be on the title roll. The Hollywood Reporter However, there is no indication of the nature of the character being played Beauty – Whether it’s the Vampire Slayer Hero’s ally, or the enemy.

The choice of acting confirms the prestige surrounding each product in any given situation. Marvel Studios Whatever the plan is in its choices. He has been active in cinema and television since the 70s, especially in the 90s with his collaboration. Spike Lee (Malcolm X., Clocks, Crooklin, And much later, Da 5 bloods) And its characters Shorty is available Where Gone are the 60 seconds. On the side Wonderful, We will note that the actor was hired a few years ago Marvel’s Most Wanted, தி Spin-off From Shield’s agents It eventually did not see daylight. Beauty As shown in the picture They are hard to fall In it he plays the famous sheriff Boss Reeves – An updated figure in the Watchmen series as well.

It is still believed that filming is currently underway Knife It is scheduled to launch in late summer of 2022, and the release window was October 6, 2023, the date has now been removed Marvel Studios. See which release horizon is now assigned to the image.


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